Seven Databases in Seven Weeks

A Guide to Modern Databases and the NoSQL Movement

By Luc Perkins, Eric Redmond, and Jim Wilson


Look, if you're building a new app or company, getting the database right is a big deal. Moving data stores is a hassle that many people take too lightly only to learn the hard way that they should have been more thorough. Knowing what to avoid, what mistakes people make, the problem set that these items are suited to and what they aren't suited to, all the while making sure you know what is there for you now, makes this book another winner every bit as good as the last edition, if not better. Even if you're just reading to keep up to date, this book is one I think pretty much anyone should have.

William Ryan
Amazon reviewer

Choosing a database is perhaps one of the most important architectural decisions a developer can make. Seven Databases in Seven Weeks provides a fantastic tour of different technologies and makes it easy to add each to your engineering toolbox.

Dave Parfitt
Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Mozilla

Not sure which database you need? This book gives you an awesome primer on each one that includes getting set up, differentiating features, and some hands-on examples. I highly recommend this to anyone that wants a primer on the various databases that are out there.

Nick Capito
Amazon reviewer